Coyote 20' Serpentine

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Coyote Serpentine kit . The Coyote popup display system combines strength and reliability with style and ease of use. Named "popup" because of its "small to large" pop-up action, this type of display system is still one of the most portable trade show and display solutions available.The Coyote system features several unique advantages over other similar Popup display systems, especially its light weight and simplistic ease of use. Compared with complicated "snap in" channel bars and delicate locking/locating systems, the Coyote popup display system uses state-of-the-art "rare earth neo magnets" on both its channel bars and locking/locating systems. These make it very quick and simple to erect and take down, with practically no "easy-to-break" parts.The serpentine kit is 87.5625" high and 217.75" wide including end caps. The footprint is 217.75" x 60.5"deep. Hardware includes: (1) 4x3 frame, (1) 3x3 frames, (33) channel bars, (4) fabric front panels, (3) fabric rear panels, (1) linking fabric panel and (2) fabric end cap panels. Choice of fabric colors, graphics not included.
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87.56" h x 217.75" w x 60.5" d
150 lbs
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