It has been our experience that graphics that best communicate, are graphics that tell three simple messages:

  • Who you are
  • What you are selling
  • Why the customer should want to buy it
Output Guidelines Send files via FTP

To help make it easy for our clients to work with us we utilize FTP transfer of files, as well as online proofing of graphics and online cataloging of all graphics produced by and stored by us at our facilities.

Online File Transfer of files using ftp: Sending files to us has never ben easier. Simply use an ftp program like Fetch or Cute FTP and log on to our ftp server. Then copy your files on to our server to get your job going. Jobs that have to be sent at the last minute are easily taken care of, saving you last minute express delivery charges.

Online proofing: Last moment revisions, someone in another office has a question or hasn't seen the graphic? New graphics need approval from someone who is out of town and time is of the essence? Not a problem. Showtime provides you the safety of knowing it can happen.

Online catalog of graphics: Graphics produced and stored by Showtime can be posted on our site in a secure page. Cataloged in an easy to reference style, you or anyone in your organization can have the freedom to quickly and easily review your graphics.